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"Some say when a door won't open, you should knock on another.

I say you should kick it down, walk through, and introduce yourself!"


Leah "LQ" Queen is the visionary founder and CEO of QueenLe Enterprises, revolutionizing how global audiences, consumers, and creatives engage. After more than a decade of kicking down doors in tech and entertainment that were hidden and locked, LQ discovered her purpose; leveraging new and existing technologies to unify unique perspectives into something Bright, Beautiful, and Innovative.

A masterful storyteller, passionate educator, and revolutionary thought leader, LQ operates the divisions of QueenLe Enterprises to align and deliver on the founding principles of Bright, Beautiful & Innovative. LQ's 7 Reasons Productions houses an extensive catalog of original content to inspire, challenge and polarize viewers, telling all the right stories in all the right ways. Through Royal Writers Academy, LQ honors aspiring writers' innovative ideas through education, spirited collaboration, and networking with industry experts, managers, and agents. LQ believes everyone with passion deserves an opportunity to shine bright, especially the younger generation, and thus RealPeopleKnow empowers students with the necessary resources and connections to illuminate a path towards their future. The philanthropic efforts of Queen's Guard Foundation aims to elevate the beautiful voices of marginalized creatives by providing grants and scholarships, as well as the annual presentation of A Royal Chance Film Festival, all in pursuit of fulfilling the noble mission to honor the artist.

All roads lead to greatness, and Leah Queen's crown jewel is QLTV+, powered by Q-Look Technology, where innovative entertainment and technology meet! QLTV+ is a dynamic, interactive streaming app that transcends expectations by delivering a uniquely engaging global entertainment experience that seamlessly unites OnDemand entertainment and consumerism through a Bright, Beautiful, and Innovative platform.

Leah Queen, hailed by industry leaders as the next great game-changer in Hollywood, is now ascending the throne of global technology, entertainment and consumerism.

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