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Leah "LQ" Queen



"Some say when a door won't open, you should build another. I say when a door won't open you should kick it in and walk through!" - LQ

Leah Queen is the Founder and CEO of her multi-tiered organization, QueenLe Enterprises. A remarkable career journey has provided Leah with a networking circle that spans across multiple industries in both local and international territories.

Leah has maximized these resources to produce engaging stories made for television and the big screen through

7 Reasons ProductionsLQ G.E.M.S. and RealPeopleKnow allows Leah Queen the opportunity to connect with individuals by motivating and empowering them to reach their optimal potential via philanthropic efforts and personal growth.

Leah Queen is on a mission to Give Every Moment Shine!

Leah’s diverse background in law, finance, marketing and talent acquisition has provided her unique insight into what it takes to be successful in life and industry. Leah Queen is known as a masterful storyteller and has always possessed a passion for bringing dynamic and engaging stories, visual content and news to large audiences. Leah Queen, a Hollywood writer and producer believes through 7 Reasons Productions, she can ensure that she is "telling all the right stories in all the right ways". By partnering with entertainment industry leaders, Leah Queen produces quality television, film, and digital media for distribution across all platforms. Her philanthropic efforts are realized through LQ G.E.M.S.; collaborating with community and industry leaders to develop fundraising campaigns that support the missions of non-profits and charitable foundations who focus on global objectives such as education, safety, health, inclusion and human rights. Grown from an internet radio show, RealPeopleKnow focuses on connecting people with the employment, education, internships, volunteerism, travel experiences and insider connections of their dreams! With a passion for guiding students, dreamers and entrepreneurs down the roads they often believe are closed to them, Leah Queen opens the doors and paths that can lead to a place beyond the gates for those who are willing to commit their hard work and dedication.

Leah Queen is here; opening the doors of opportunity, paving the way for philanthropic activity and telling stories that are meaningful for all audiences. Learn more about Leah Queen and prepare to be inspired!

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